B12 spirulina

Algae as a Vegan Source of B12: What the Experts Have to Say

There is no denying that algae is one of the true vegetarian super foods.  Depending on the type of algae, it can be loaded with iron, calcium, iodine, and many other important nutrients for.  But there is still a lot of controversy around whether algae is a good source of vitamin B12 for vegetarians and vegans.  Here is what the experts have to say on the issue.

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beans source of iron

Best Vegetarian Sources of Iron and Bioavailability

There are plenty of foods which are high in iron.  However, just because you are eating iron foods, it doesn’t mean your body is absorbing all the iron.  Bioavailability refers to how well our body is able to absorb a certain nutrient.  Many iron foods have a low bioavailability, but there are simple tricks you can do to increase iron absorption.

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