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5 Ways to Get More Superfoods into Your Meals

So you did all of your research and went out and bought some great superfoods, like flax meal, goji berries, and raw cacao. Now, what are you supposed to do with all of these superfoods? It is hard enough to remember to bring baggies of berries to snack on, and even more difficult if you have to figure out ways of getting your kids to eat weird-looking roots and fungi. Here are easy ways you can get more superfoods into your meals without even noticing them.

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The Best Raw Food Recipe Books

Even if you aren’t following a raw foods diet, it is still nice to have a few raw food recipe books on hand. The recipes in these raw uncookbooks are light and refreshing, often easy to make and obviously require no cooking (a godsend in summer months). Most importantly, they inspire you to use common ingredients in creative ways — like using zucchini noodles in place of spaghetti or blended cashews in place of cheese. These are some of the best raw food recipe books you will find and include recipes for beginners and advanced raw foodists alike.

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root vegetables

4 Ways to Make Winter Root Vegetables More Exciting

It is nice to follow an “eat local” diet but, for most of us, this means relegating ourselves to root vegetables in the wintertime. As much as I love turnips, potatoes, carrots, and all those other wintertime vegetarian fare, it can get incredibly boring! Follow these 4 quick tips for making root vegetables more exciting!

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Vegan Sources of Zinc

After iron, zinc is the most abundant mineral in our bodies.  It is found in literally ever part of the body but has the biggest concentrations in the eyes and prostate. Which is why zinc deficiency can cause vision problems and (in men) fertility problems.  Symptoms of zinc deficiency include fatigue, mental lethargy, diarrhea, skin lesions, white spots on nails, and slow wound healing.   There are many vegan sources of zinc.  However, these vegan zinc sources also contain high levels of antinutrients which block zinc absorption.  So, some of those zinc foods might not be such good sources of zinc after all.

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