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The Best and Worst Vegan Processed Foods

Just 15 years ago, vegans were a rarity and it was virtually impossible to find vegan processed foods in supermarkets (at least foods which were labeled as such).  Now, the ranks of vegans are growing.  Depending on which poll you go by, 0.5% to 2.5% of the US population is vegan.  So, it is no surprise that big business is stepping in to profit from the growing vegetarian demographic.

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fortified orange juice

Why Fortified Foods Are Not a Good Source of Calcium

I find it interesting how many health articles refer to things like soy milk and orange juice as “sources of calcium.”  Fortified foods might be one way to get calcium, but they are not natural sources and, for the following reasons, are probably not the best option for meeting your calcium RDAs.

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