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Think Going Vegan is Too Expensive? Heres What You Can Do About It

There is absolutely no reason that going vegan should cost more than your omnivorous diet. But, chances are you WILL find yourself spending a lot more on groceries when you go vegan. Part of the reason veganism costs more is because you suddenly start caring about your health more. It is hard not to care once you find out about all of the creepy chemical ingredients lurking in your food (and vegans are constantly reading food labels, so it is hard not to see these ingredients).

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how to tell people you are vegan

How to Tell People You Are Vegan (without making them hate you)

You know those smug vegans everyone is always complaining about?  Well, I was one of them.  I was filled with self-righteous indignation that I was superior because of my morals which led me to give up meat and all animal products.  At least I can blame this on youth.  I was 12 when I went vegetarian and 15 when I went vegan, so pretty much everything I did at the time was indignant.

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going vegan is hard

Vegan Pros and Cons: 8 Truths You Should Know

Going vegan can be hard and there are some vegan pros and cons you need to consider before you make the transition.

I was vegan for 6+ years.  Then I moved to Serbia, which is really the land of meat and cheese with an occasional tomato or pepper thrown into the mix.  Last year, I was considering going vegan again but presented the problem of how much more it would cost me.  Soy milk here is as much as 5 times more expensive than cow milk.  To get it, I’d have to ride a bus 30 minutes (one direction) and then walk another 15 minutes to get to the health food store.  And I’d have to do that with a 2-year old child in tow.

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20 Products which are Surprisingly Not Vegan

For many, just cutting the obvious non-vegan items from your life can be difficult – like when you have to navigate being a vegan during holiday dinners with your family, or need to pay exuberant amounts to order a vegan belt online. This is hard enough and I’m sorry to break it to you, but you are probably still using a lot of non-vegan products in your life. Unless you are living completely off the grid or making all of your own foodstuffs and products, then a few surprising animal products are probably going to slip into your life.

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