Vegan Bacon (And Other Meat Substitutes)

Bacon. As a vegan, I’m sure you hear this word quite frequently. When? All, the, time. Especially when people are telling you why they could never be vegan. It’s also a very popular comment under pretty much any vegan related social media photo or story. What do our omnivorous friends not realize? Most noteworthy, going …

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Value Animals

Veganism: Why Should I Value Animals More Than Plants?

Vegan vegan plants plants… Yeah yeah… But, playing Devil’s advocate, why should I value animals more than plants? Because, eating plants is not the same as eating animals, and here’s why: Value Animals: Animals Feel Pain Value Animals As we mentioned in a previous article, though some animals are meant to consume other animals for …

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save money vegan

Think Going Vegan is Too Expensive? Heres What You Can Do About It

There is absolutely no reason that going vegan should cost more than your omnivorous diet. But, chances are you WILL find yourself spending a lot more on groceries when you go vegan. Part of the reason veganism costs more is because you suddenly start caring about your health more. It is hard not to care once you find out about all of the creepy chemical ingredients lurking in your food (and vegans are constantly reading food labels, so it is hard not to see these ingredients).

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Is Soy Good or Bad? Health Benefits, Risks, and Myths

Of all the so-called “health foods”, soy is one of the most controversial.  There are the camps which proclaim that soy is a superfood which can do amazing things like kill cancer cells.  Then there are the camps which cite evidence that soy can disrupt your hormones and cause infertility.  With all this contending information, what is the real truth about soy’s health status?

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Weight Loss With Vegan Diet: Why And How

5 Tricks to Break Bad Habit: Vegan Diet Weight Loss

You want to lose weight or get healthier, so you make a resolution to go on a diet. You start out strong but, usually within a week, you suddenly find yourself back in your old bad dietary habits. Don’t feel too guilty about this. It is really hard to break bad habits with willpower alone. However, if you use 5 Tricks to Break Bad Habit, you’ll have a better chance at reaching your goals.

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