vitamin k2

Vitamin K2: The Most Important Yet Underrated Vitamin for Your Heart and Bones

When it comes to vitamins, we hear a lot about C, our Bs, and D. But rarely do we ever hear anyone hype up the merits of vitamin K along the lines of, Eat your greens Jimmy. They have lots of vitamin K!

The reason that vitamin K hasnt made it onto the health radar is because we assumed we were getting enough of it. However, recent studies show that it may be time to start giving vitamin K some attention.

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how to ferment vegetables

Simplest Lacto-Fermentation Instructions Ever

Lacto fermented vegetable pickles are some of the healthiest things you can eat. I’m not talking about the pickles you find in the supermarket which are basically made by putting veggies into vinegar. Real pickles are made with an age-old process called lacto fermentation which not only allows you to preserve foods, but proliferate healthy bacteria.

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lacto fermented kohlrabi pickles

Fermented Vegetable Recipe: Kohlrabi Pickles

I live in Eastern Europe where you can almost always find this funny stem vegetable called kohlrabi.   It can be eaten raw or cooked but, honestly, I find the taste a bit bland and boring.   It does have a really nice crunch to it, is a good source of many vitamins and minerals, and is very refreshing because of its high water content inside.   I was trying to figure out something to do with kohlrabi when it dawned on me: pickled kohlrabi!

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