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Unhealthiest Vegetarian Foods that You Are Eating

For a long time, vegetarian advocates have been making the case for a meat-free diet by saying things like, “It is easy. Even 7-11 snack pies are vegan!” Yes, there are a lot of accidentally-vegan foods like Oreos and Cap’n Crunch.  And with vegetarianism becoming increasingly mainstream, big brands like Kraft and General Mills have jumped on the bandwagon and began making vegetarian foods like mock meats.

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The Best and Worst Vegan Processed Foods

Just 15 years ago, vegans were a rarity and it was virtually impossible to find vegan processed foods in supermarkets (at least foods which were labeled as such).  Now, the ranks of vegans are growing.  Depending on which poll you go by, 0.5% to 2.5% of the US population is vegan.  So, it is no surprise that big business is stepping in to profit from the growing vegetarian demographic.

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