vegan corn cheese recipe

3 Ingredient Vegan Corn Cheese Recipe (No Soy!)

When you go vegan, your definition of what you consider “cheese” is stretched pretty far. This vegan cheese recipe doesn’t exactly taste like real cheese, but it makes a great substitute for cheese on dishes like pizza, mac n’ cheese, casseroles, tortillas, and a whole bunch more. Most importantly, it is really easy to make and doesn’t require any special ingredients. Feel free to go crazy with the spices and adjust it to your liking!

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artisan vegan cheese

Artisan Vegan Cheese Review PLUS Recipe for Vegan Oat Cheese

For a lot of vegetarians, the one thing which keeps them from going vegan is cheese. Im not going to deny it: cheese tastes awesome. And, while there are starting to be more options for vegan cheese in the supermarket, these vegan cheeses dont come close to the real thing. Plus, many of them arent exactly healthy (not that real cheese, with its hormones, antibiotics and pus, is healthy).

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vegan nacho cheese nutritional yeast

Best Vegan Cheese Alternative? Try These Cheese Substitutes

For most vegetarians, the last holdout that keeps them from going vegan is cheese.  There is a simple evolutionary reason for this: cheese contains huge amounts of fat and salt, which are brains are hardwired to love.   Our brains tell us to love fat because it is such a good source of energy.  We love salt because it is required for balancing fluid levels in our bodies.  Remember, until recently in human history, it wasn’t that easy to find salt.  Our brains light up with pleasure chemicals when we taste salt. When you combine fat and salt, the pleasure reaction is even greater.

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