how to go vegan checklist

How to Go Vegan Step-by-Step Checklist

In theory, you could decide to go vegan today and immediately eliminate every single animal product from your life. But chances are that, if you try to go 100% vegan overnight, you will end up confused, malnourished, and probably without anything to wear (or at least without any shoes or a belt to keep your pants up).

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go girl pee funnel

5 Feminine Products Every Women Needs to Know About

Most people dont make a point of talking about feminine products. But it is really time we stopped making it so taboo. Feminine products are part of our everyday lives as women and some of them have actually made it a lot easier to be a woman. Be grateful that you dont have to literally be on the rag, that you can plan when you get pregnant, and sports bras make it possible to run without your boobs smacking out a rhythm. As a woman (or a considerate male), these are 5 innovative new feminine products you need to know about.

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vegan food eating out

Vegan and Eating Out? How to Find Vegan-Friendly Food at Any Restaurant

Today, there are more vegetarians and vegans than ever. This means that you can probably find a vegan-friendly restaurant in your area and that there will be at least one item on the menu that you can eat. Still, it isnt always easy eating out as a vegan. The only vegan option is usually something boring like pasta with plain marinara sauce or a wrapwhich they will charge you full price for even though you asked for no meat or cheese.

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vegan bacon

Vegan Diet: Best Vegan Bacon Alternatives

A lot of people say that theyd go vegetarian if it werent for one holdback: bacon. Yes, bacon might be delicious but there is absolutely no reason it has to come from pigs (or any other animal). Try the best vegan bacon alternatives and you will never miss the real thing again.

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b12 intestines

Can You Get B12 from Intestinal Bacteria?

Unlike most other vitamins, vitamin B12 is not made by plants or animals.  Rather, it is made from bacteria.  Thus, the argument that vegans can make their own B12 from intestinal bacteria seemingly makes sense.  Some nutritionists like Dr. Charles Partito make compelling arguments about the existence of B12 in plants. Of course, the guy is trying to sell you his cleansing products though.  The same goes for Dr. Vivian Vetrano who says that B12 coenzymes are readily found in raw plants.  She’d like you to join her retreat.

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Vegan Hacks

10 Vegan Hacks To Make Life Easier

Beyoncé, Ellen DeGeneres, Bill Clinton, Casey Affleck, Ellen Page. What do they all have in common? They’re all celebrities. They’re also all creative in their own right. Oh, and they’re vegan. They’re not hacks, but vegan hacks…? I’m sure they’ve used at least one of these a time or two. Vegans are inherently creative creatures, …

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arian foster vegan

Arian Foster: Profile of a Vegan NFL Star

As far as NFL stars go, Houston Texan running back Arian Foster definitely stands out – and not just for his record of most rushing yards and rushing touchdowns. Foster is considered “unusual” in the world of pro sports because he writes poetry, majored in philosophy, and openly supports gay marriage. But, of all of the things which make Arian Foster unique, the one which gets the most attention is his diet.

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vitamin k2

Vitamin K2: The Most Important Yet Underrated Vitamin for Your Heart and Bones

When it comes to vitamins, we hear a lot about C, our Bs, and D. But rarely do we ever hear anyone hype up the merits of vitamin K along the lines of, Eat your greens Jimmy. They have lots of vitamin K!

The reason that vitamin K hasnt made it onto the health radar is because we assumed we were getting enough of it. However, recent studies show that it may be time to start giving vitamin K some attention.

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morel mushrooms vitamin d

The Vitamin D Superfood for Vegetarians and Vegans

Whether you are vegan or not, vitamin D is probably something you should be worried about. One study found that the prevalence of vitamin D deficiency in the United States was 41.6%. The situation is so bad that The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition called it a pandemic. Here is what you need to know about vitamin D to make sure you are getting enough vitamin D on a plant-based diet.

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sexist meat seasoning ad 2

11 Depressingly Real Examples of Sexism in Meat Marketing

It is Women’s History Month and, despite what the morons on Capitol Hill are saying, sexism is far from over.  The problem isn’t just rampant in the workplace, healthcare policies, or politics.  Sexism goes right into the foods we eat – and the meat industry is right at the heart of it all.

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