How to Go Vegan Step-by-Step Checklist


In theory, you could decide to go vegan today and immediately eliminate every single animal product from your life. But chances are that, if you try to go 100% vegan overnight, you will end up confused, malnourished, and probably without anything to wear (or at least without any shoes or a belt to keep your pants up).

I’ve heard a lot of different plans on how to go vegan. For example, some people start by making their breakfasts vegan, and then their dinners, and then their lunches. Some others start by eliminating one animal at a time – such as first getting rid of all cow products, then pigs, then chickens, etc.

There is no one “right” way to go vegan or a single process which works for everyone. So, I’ve done my best to break down the process of going vegan into clearly-defined steps. You might find it easier to tackle these steps one at a time, or tackle multiple steps at once. I hope this helps!

How to Go Vegan: Step-by-Step Checklist

  • Eliminate Meat, Poultry, and Fish
    • Stop eating meat at home (*you could do this one animal at a time, such as by starting with cows, then pigs, then chicken, etc.)
    • Stock your pantry and fridge with vegan proteins like beans, lentils, chickpeas, seitan, tofu, tempeh, and mock meats
    • Substitute vegan protein for animal protein in your favorite dishes
    • Stop eating meat out of the home
    • Tell friends and family that you are vegetarian
  • Eliminate Eggs
    • Stop eating eggs at home
    • Stop eating eggs out of the home
    • Stop eating products which contain eggs
    • Try baking something vegan using an egg substitute
  • Eliminate Dairy
    • Try at least 3 different types of plant milks to see which ones you like best
    • Swap dairy milk for plant milk at home
    • Stop buying products with milk/dairy in them
    • Stop consuming dairy when out of the house
    • Make a list of the dairy products you use the most and then find substitutes for them in recipes
  • Find Vegan Snacks
    • Read the ingredients on your favorite snacks to see what is vegan and what isn’t
    • Find substitutes for non-vegan snacks you usually eat
    • Try 1 new vegan snack food per week, including “weird” ones you might have never tried before
    • Keep a vegan snack on you at all times in case you find yourself hungry in a situation where only non-vegan food is offered
  • Get Your Health in Order
    • Research vegan nutrition
    • Get blood work done to locate any nutrient deficiencies
    • Start taking a B12 supplement and any other supplements recommended by doctor/nutritionist
    • Get blood work done again 30 days after going vegan, and then 6 months after (or as recommended by your doctor/nutritionist)
  • Learn to Plan Your Meals
    • Find out what vegan takeout options are near your home/work/school
    • Get several vegan cookbooks and/or scout out vegan recipe blogs
    • Try at least one new vegan recipe per week
    • Find out what vegan options are available at restaurants you go to, or find new restaurants to go to
  • Master Vegan Shopping
    • Use up all non-vegan food items in your home or donate them/give them to neighbors
    • Start reading the labels on everything to look for hidden animal ingredients
    • Research hidden animal ingredients
    • Visit your local health food store and spend some time seeing what vegan items they offer
    • Download a vegan shopping app
  • Eliminate insect products
    • Stop eating honey
    • Stop eating foods made with insect dyes
  • Eliminate non-food animal products from your life
    • Find out if your favorite beers and wines are vegan
    • Stop buying wool
    • Stop buying leather
    • Stop buying non-vegan cosmetics
    • Stop buying non-vegan cleaning products
  • Get Social
    • Tell your friends and family you are vegan
    • Organize a vegan potluck, dinner party, or BBQ
    • Join a vegan group, such as a forum

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Diane Vukovic is a vegan mom, health nut, and kitchen diva. When she's not deducing veggie nutritional facts, she's probably dancing crazily with her daughter or traveling somewhere in Europe.