Easy Vegan Meal Plans by Season


What do vegans eat? If you are just going vegan, then you probably have an idea of what vegans eat – like veggie burgers, hearty salads, and fruity oatmeal.  But coming up with ideas of what to cook every single day of your new vegan life can be pretty challenging.  This is where vegan meal plans can come in handy.

There are actually a lot of vegan meal plans already available on the web.  Heck, even Oprah has a vegan meal plan on her site!  I’ve been overwhelmingly disappointed with all these vegan meal plans though.  Too many rely on mock meats like veggie sausage crumbles and deli “meats” made from hydrolyzed soy protein.  These foods do certainly make going vegan easier, but they are highly processed and shouldn’t make up the main part of your diet.  Other vegan meal plans use too many complex ingredients that the beginner vegan probably won’t have at home.  So, I’ve decided to take a different approach to vegan meal planning.

For starters, I’m doing vegan meal plans by season (it’s cheaper and fresher this way plus shopping is easier).  I’ve collected recipes from some of the best vegan recipe bloggers around.  All of these recipes are super simple to make (despite the fact that some look really fancy) and should please even the pickiest eaters’ palates.

I’ll be adding more later.  Let me know what you think!

If you want to make sure you have all of the ingredients for these recipes (or pretty much any vegan recipe) on hand, then check out this uber-practical vegan shopping list.


 Spring Vegan Meal Planvegan

Get the Recipes:
Breakfast: Steel Cut Oats
Lunch: Chickpea and Veggie Salad
Dinner: Vegan Lasagna with Asparagus
Snack: Apple Cupcakes

Summer Vegan Meal Plan


Get the Recipes:
Breakfast: Fruit and Nut Cereal
Lunch: Quinoa with Adzuki Beans
Dinner: Broccoli “Cheddar” Quiche
Snack: Watermelon Slushy


Fall Vegan Meal Plan


Get the Recipes:
Breakfast: Banana French Toast
Lunch: Roasted Tofu Tacos
Dinner: Pumpkin and White Bean Chili
Snack: Sour Cream and Onion Kale Chips


Winter Vegan Meal Plan


Get the Recipes:
Breakfast: Cranberry Orange Pancakes
Lunch: Curried Lentils and Greens Soup
Dinner: Vegan Sausage and Mushrooms Etoufee
Snack: No Bake Almond Butter Cups



These recipes come from some of the best vegan recipe bloggers around! Visit their websites for lots of great vegan recipes.

Susan Voisin’s recipes at blog.fatfreevegan.com
Angela Liddon’s recipes at Ohsheglows.com
Julie West’s recipes at thesimpleveganista.blogspot.com
Jackie Sobon’s recipes at veganyackattack.com
Allyson Kramer’s recipes at www.allysonkramer.com
Carrie Forrest’s recipes at carrieonvegan.com

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