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7 Healthy Sources of Fat from Plants

Heart disease is the leading killer in the United States and the obesity epidemic is spreading throughout the world. Because of this, a lot of people are taking steps to cut fat from their diets. What they don’t realize is that cutting fat from your diet can actually harm your health.

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Why Fortified Foods Are Not a Good Source of Calcium

I find it interesting how many health articles refer to things like soy milk and orange juice as “sources of calcium.”  Fortified foods might be one way to get calcium, but they are not natural sources and, for the following reasons, are probably not the best option for meeting your calcium RDAs.

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6 Things Every Vegan Should Know about Calcium

As a vegan, you probably get asked about how you get protein all the time. Few people will ask you about where you get your calcium. While there are plenty of plant-based sources of calcium and fortified foods which contain calcium, the scary truth is that many vegans may not be meeting their calcium requirements. Here are some important facts you need to know about calcium as a vegan.

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Is Milk a Good Source of Calcium? Milk Myths Demystified

There is no arguing that milk is a good source of certain nutrients. The main nutrient milk contains is fat, since it is meant to provide lots of energy for a growing mammal. But what about calcium? On the one hand, we’ve been bombarded with government health messages telling us to drink milk because it is a good source of calcium for growing bones. On the other hand, it is weird that humans are the only animals who drink mmilk after infancy, and also that milk-loving Western countries have so much osteoporosis. Vegan advocates will quickly tell you that milk depletes calcium from the bones.

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7 Bioavailable Vegan Calcium Sources and How to Get It (Infographic)

Calcium doesn’t get as much attention as protein when it comes to vegan nutrition, yet calcium is something that vegans might want to pay better attention to. Recent studies do suggest that vegans had lower bone densities and are at higher risk of fractures. To get an idea of how vegans get calcium, I made six sample vegan meal plans and calculated the calcium in them. Even a healthy vegan diet did not always meet calcium RDAs of 1000mg/day. (see the infographic here)

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Vegan Weight Loss — Fresh Produce

Diet Weight Loss: A Vegan Plan To Shed Fat

Big Changes Are Coming First of all, eating a vegan diet will nourishes our bodies best. Most people will notice big changes within their bodies after they become vegan. Some vegans choose to adopt a whole foods plant-based diet. Plant-based diets consist of a balance of fruits, vegetables, grains, modest amounts of good fats. In addition, it …

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Is Soy Good or Bad? Health Benefits, Risks, and Myths

Of all the so-called “health foods”, soy is one of the most controversial.  There are the camps which proclaim that soy is a superfood which can do amazing things like kill cancer cells.  Then there are the camps which cite evidence that soy can disrupt your hormones and cause infertility.  With all this contending information, what is the real truth about soy’s health status?

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