Weight Loss With Vegan Diet: Why And How

5 Tricks to Break Bad Habit: Vegan Diet Weight Loss

You want to lose weight or get healthier, so you make a resolution to go on a diet. You start out strong but, usually within a week, you suddenly find yourself back in your old bad dietary habits. Don’t feel too guilty about this. It is really hard to break bad habits with willpower alone. However, if you use 5 Tricks to Break Bad Habit, you’ll have a better chance at reaching your goals.

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orange juice not vegan

20 Products which are Surprisingly Not Vegan

For many, just cutting the obvious non-vegan items from your life can be difficult – like when you have to navigate being a vegan during holiday dinners with your family, or need to pay exuberant amounts to order a vegan belt online. This is hard enough and I’m sorry to break it to you, but you are probably still using a lot of non-vegan products in your life. Unless you are living completely off the grid or making all of your own foodstuffs and products, then a few surprising animal products are probably going to slip into your life.

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what is a vegan?

What is a Vegan? Different Kinds, Diet vs. Lifestyle

What is a Vegan? The simple answer to this question is “a person who does not consume or use products from animals.” That means no meat, poultry, fish, milk, eggs, butter, gelatin, honey, or Red Dye #40 (along with a slew of other ingredients which are made from animals or animal derivatives). It also means no wool, leather, and other non-food animal products.

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