kids animal rights movies

27 Animal Rights Movies for Kids

A lot of kid’s movies use anthropomorphized animals as the leading characters. This, you could argue, in itself delivers an animal-rights message to kids because it helps show animals as sentient beings.  However, the animal-rights message usually stops there.  For example, you may remember that Ariel’s friend in The Little Mermaid was a crab.  But you didn’t see her complaining when they served crab for dinner.   Luckily, there are plenty of movies with positive animal-rights messages which you don’t have to feel bad about letting your little kids watch.   Here are 25 of them.

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picky eater tips

How I Get My Kid to Eat Anything

I am lucky that my 2-year old isn’t a picky eater. Other parents watch on jealously as she wolfs down plates of lentils, mushrooms, peas and begs for olives.

My kid’s good eating habits definitively have something to do with the fact that I didn’t give her any refined sugar or processed foods until she was almost two (making your own baby food really isn’t that difficult or time-consuming). So, her taste buds haven’t been tainted by chemically-enhanced flavors.

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raising vegetarian children

Tips for Raising Vegetarian Children

I’ve been a vegetarian for over 15 years and my vegetarian lifestyle wasn’t about to stop when I became pregnant and had my first kid. But, in retrospect, I realize that I was a bit too idealistic about raising a vegetarian child.  While it isn’t difficult per se, it would be naïve and immoral of me to say that it was easy.

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vegetarian diet and mood

Study Shows Vegetarian Diet May Improve Mood

When Bonnie Beezhold of the University of Arizona set off to study vegetarianism and mood, she hypothesized that people on a plant-based diet would have poorer mood than meat eaters.  Her reasoning was that vegetarians don’t get as much of the Omega 3 fatty acids EPA or DHA.  These fatty acids are crucial for brain cell function. Since omnivores diets low in EPA and DHA are linked to impaired mood, her theory had some grounds. To her surprise, Beezhold found that she was wrong.  Vegetarians not only didn’t suffer from impaired mood, but they actually had better moods than the meat eaters.

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