If The World Went Vegan: The Effect Of Veganism

So, what would really happen if the world went vegan? … As vegans, we hear many questions about our lifestyle. Some questions are simple to answer, like where do you get your protein? Or don’t plants feel pain? While other questions may cause you to take pause, like what would happen if the world went …

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cloth diaper guide

Complete Guide to Cloth Diapers

My daughter is already grown up and well out of diapers, but I decided it was time I shared my experience using cloth diapers. Why? Because whenever I recommend cloth diapers to my pregnant friends, they immediately dismiss cloth diapers as being too difficult. Cloth diapers really dont require much extra work at allespecially when you consider the benefits which come with cloth diapers like saving tons of money and getting your kid out of diapers sooner. I am going to be as honest as possible in writing this guide so you can decide for yourself whether or not to use cloth diapers, which type of cloth diapers to buy, and also share some tips on how to make cloth diapers work for your lifestyle.

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The Best Raw Food Recipe Books

Even if you aren’t following a raw foods diet, it is still nice to have a few raw food recipe books on hand. The recipes in these raw uncookbooks are light and refreshing, often easy to make and obviously require no cooking (a godsend in summer months). Most importantly, they inspire you to use common ingredients in creative ways — like using zucchini noodles in place of spaghetti or blended cashews in place of cheese. These are some of the best raw food recipe books you will find and include recipes for beginners and advanced raw foodists alike.

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Toddler On A Deserted Island…Vegan or Meat-Eater?

Vegan Or Meat-Eater…Deserted Island As vegans, we are commonly asked the deserted island question. Sure, you’re vegan, but what if you were stranded on a desert island…what would you eat then?” The simple answer is, Whatever plants the animals are eating. To take this a step further, I’d like to pose that those same people …

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kids animal rights movies

27 Animal Rights Movies for Kids

A lot of kid’s movies use anthropomorphized animals as the leading characters. This, you could argue, in itself delivers an animal-rights message to kids because it helps show animals as sentient beings.  However, the animal-rights message usually stops there.  For example, you may remember that Ariel’s friend in The Little Mermaid was a crab.  But you didn’t see her complaining when they served crab for dinner.   Luckily, there are plenty of movies with positive animal-rights messages which you don’t have to feel bad about letting your little kids watch.   Here are 25 of them.

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picky eater tips

9 Tips on How I Get My Kid to Eat Anything

I am lucky that my 2-year old isn’t a picky eater. Other parents watch on jealously as she wolfs down plates of lentils, mushrooms, peas and begs for olives.

My kid’s good eating habits definitively have something to do with the fact that I didn’t give her any refined sugar or processed foods until she was almost two (making your own baby food really isn’t that difficult or time-consuming). So, her taste buds haven’t been tainted by chemically-enhanced flavors.

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save money vegan

Think Going Vegan is Too Expensive? Heres What You Can Do About It

There is absolutely no reason that going vegan should cost more than your omnivorous diet. But, chances are you WILL find yourself spending a lot more on groceries when you go vegan. Part of the reason veganism costs more is because you suddenly start caring about your health more. It is hard not to care once you find out about all of the creepy chemical ingredients lurking in your food (and vegans are constantly reading food labels, so it is hard not to see these ingredients).

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