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5 Feminine Products Every Women Needs to Know About

Most people dont make a point of talking about feminine products. But it is really time we stopped making it so taboo. Feminine products are part of our everyday lives as women and some of them have actually made it a lot easier to be a woman. Be grateful that you dont have to literally be on the rag, that you can plan when you get pregnant, and sports bras make it possible to run without your boobs smacking out a rhythm. As a woman (or a considerate male), these are 5 innovative new feminine products you need to know about.

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Vegan Condoms: Guide to Choosing Safe, Healthy Vegan Condoms

If you are a sexually-active adult, then chances are you use condoms. If you also happen to be vegan, then you might be surprised to learn that not all condoms are vegan. Even if you arent vegan, there are still a lot of reasons why you might want to ditch your current brand of condoms and switch to vegan condoms instead.

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The Best Raw Food Recipe Books

Even if you aren’t following a raw foods diet, it is still nice to have a few raw food recipe books on hand. The recipes in these raw uncookbooks are light and refreshing, often easy to make and obviously require no cooking (a godsend in summer months). Most importantly, they inspire you to use common ingredients in creative ways — like using zucchini noodles in place of spaghetti or blended cashews in place of cheese. These are some of the best raw food recipe books you will find and include recipes for beginners and advanced raw foodists alike.

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Think Going Vegan is Too Expensive? Heres What You Can Do About It

There is absolutely no reason that going vegan should cost more than your omnivorous diet. But, chances are you WILL find yourself spending a lot more on groceries when you go vegan. Part of the reason veganism costs more is because you suddenly start caring about your health more. It is hard not to care once you find out about all of the creepy chemical ingredients lurking in your food (and vegans are constantly reading food labels, so it is hard not to see these ingredients).

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How to Stay Vegan While Traveling Abroad

I recently just got back from another trip abroad, making my country total rack up to 21.  In short, I’ve got itchy feet and love to travel.  Being completely lost in a country where I don’t understand more than 3 words of the language makes me absolutely giddy with delight.  But I’m also a vegetarian, so I’m constantly getting asked how I can stick to a veg diet while traveling abroad.

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