What Are The Dangers Of Being Vegan?

So, what are the dangers of being vegan? No, like the real dangers. Not Meathead Mike’s take on why ‘real men eat beef, bro.’ Rather, the research-based cold hard facts of the possible dangers of being vegan compared to the dangers of a carnivorous diet. Let’s dive in! The Possible Dangers Of Being Vegan: Are There …

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Value Animals

Veganism: Why Should I Value Animals More Than Plants?

Vegan vegan plants plants… Yeah yeah… But, playing Devil’s advocate, why should I value animals more than plants? Because, eating plants is not the same as eating animals, and here’s why: Value Animals: Animals Feel Pain Value Animals As we mentioned in a previous article, though some animals are meant to consume other animals for …

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lemon juice vitamin c

5 Simple Ways to be a Healthier Vegetarian

Most of the vegetarians I know are healthy people (especially compared to the general public). They get loads of fiber, avoid processed foods, and get exercise by riding their hipster bikes to work.

Despite the fact that they are already on a level of healthiness that most Americans would envy, many of these veggie friends want to be healthier. They start taking yoga classes, drinking weird green smoothies, experimenting with enemas…

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go girl pee funnel

5 Feminine Products Every Women Needs to Know About

Most people dont make a point of talking about feminine products. But it is really time we stopped making it so taboo. Feminine products are part of our everyday lives as women and some of them have actually made it a lot easier to be a woman. Be grateful that you dont have to literally be on the rag, that you can plan when you get pregnant, and sports bras make it possible to run without your boobs smacking out a rhythm. As a woman (or a considerate male), these are 5 innovative new feminine products you need to know about.

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Vegan Hacks

10 Vegan Hacks To Make Life Easier

BeyoncĂ©, Ellen DeGeneres, Bill Clinton, Casey Affleck, Ellen Page. What do they all have in common? They’re all celebrities. They’re also all creative in their own right. Oh, and they’re vegan. They’re not hacks, but vegan hacks…? I’m sure they’ve used at least one of these a time or two. Vegans are inherently creative creatures, …

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how to use a menstrual cup

How to Use a Menstrual Cup: The Most Complete Guide You Will Ever Read

Its been about 10 years since I started using a menstrual cup (I use a Diva Cup). I’ve now started on my third cup. Yes, they really do last that long! I’m not sure how I got started using a menstrual cup. I imagine that, at the time, the idea of putting a little silicon cup in your vagina probably sounded a bit weird. But, if you think about it, it isn’t any weirder than the idea of putting tampons up there. And if you really think about it and do your research, the idea of putting conventional tampons inside of you is totally crazy.

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vegan cat food

Vegan Cat Food: How to Keep Your Cat Healthy on a Vegan Diet

I dont want to get into the moral argument of feeding your cat vegan food. Leave that for another forum. The goal here is, if you do choose a vegan diet for your cat, to make sure your cat stays healthy. Let me warn you: a vegan cat diet is going to be expensive (especially during the first year when you need to check your cats urine pH and have more frequent vet checkups). If you choose to make your own vegan cat food, it can also be very time consuming. But, if you go about it correctly, your cat can be healthy on a vegan diet.

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Vegan Condoms: Guide to Choosing Safe, Healthy Vegan Condoms

If you are a sexually-active adult, then chances are you use condoms. If you also happen to be vegan, then you might be surprised to learn that not all condoms are vegan. Even if you arent vegan, there are still a lot of reasons why you might want to ditch your current brand of condoms and switch to vegan condoms instead.

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vegan dog eating carrots

Vegan Dog Food Nutrition: Guide to Feeding Your Dog a Vegan Diet

If you are vegan, then you might have an ethical dilemma in feeding your companion animal conventional dog food made from meat and animal ingredients. It is completely possible to feed a dog an all-vegan diet, and there are many vegan dog food brands. However, it will take a bit more planning and consideration to keep your dog healthy on a vegan diet. Here is what you need to know about vegan nutrition for dogs and the top vegan dog food brands.

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