Health Benefits of Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkins, as well as other squashes, are native to North and Central America. They were an important part of Native American cuisine long before the conquistadors “discovered” the Americas.

Christopher Columbus is credited with bringing pumpkin seeds back to the Europe. The Europeans didn’t really know what to do with the strange foods from the new world though. They eyed crops like tomatoes and potatoes with suspicion, fearful that the foods were poisonous. Pumpkins fared slightly better but were held in low regard and only the poorest people ate them.

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Healthiest Food “Scraps” You Are Throwing in the Trash

When we eat certain foods, we often chuck parts of them into the trash, like the core of an apple or the skin of kiwi. But it turns out that a lot of those food “scraps” which we routinely trash are actually edible and good for us. The next time you eat these foods, especially if you buy organic, make sure you don’t throw away the healthy parts you could be eating!

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Ways to Get More Superfoods into Your Meals

So you did all of your research and went out and bought some great superfoods, like flax meal, goji berries, and raw cacao. Now, what are you supposed to do with all of these superfoods? It is hard enough to remember to bring baggies of berries to snack on, and even more difficult if you have to figure out ways of getting your kids to eat weird-looking roots and fungi. Here are easy ways you can get more superfoods into your meals without even noticing them.

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6 Reasons I Am Giving Up Coffee

It pains me to say it, but I am giving up coffee. As you read this and defend your love of coffee, keep in mind that I live in Eastern Europea place where people dont even bother asking you if you want a cup of coffee when you come over. They just assume you do and immediately start cooking it (we mostly drink Turkish coffee here). So, I am going to have to significantly change my social life and live like more of an outcast by giving up coffee.

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Unhealthiest Vegetarian Foods that You Are Eating

For a long time, vegetarian advocates have been making the case for a meat-free diet by saying things like, “It is easy. Even 7-11 snack pies are vegan!” Yes, there are a lot of accidentally-vegan foods like Oreos and Cap’n Crunch.  And with vegetarianism becoming increasingly mainstream, big brands like Kraft and General Mills have jumped on the bandwagon and began making vegetarian foods like mock meats.

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4 Ways to Make Winter Root Vegetables More Exciting

It is nice to follow an “eat local” diet but, for most of us, this means relegating ourselves to root vegetables in the wintertime. As much as I love turnips, potatoes, carrots, and all those other wintertime vegetarian fare, it can get incredibly boring! So, here are 4 quick tips for making root vegetables more exciting!

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Healthiest Vegan Foods for Under $1

I am getting really sick of people saying how expensive it is to be a vegetarian or eat healthy! These are the people who have never walked through the produce section of a supermarket or considered buying something which wasnt processed and ready to eat out of a can or microwavable dish.

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Is Milk a Good Source of Calcium? Milk Myths Demystified

There is no arguing that milk is a good source of certain nutrients. The main nutrient milk contains is fat, since it is meant to provide lots of energy for a growing mammal. But what about calcium? On the one hand, we’ve been bombarded with government health messages telling us to drink milk because it is a good source of calcium for growing bones. On the other hand, it is weird that humans are the only animals who drink mmilk after infancy, and also that milk-loving Western countries have so much osteoporosis. Vegan advocates will quickly tell you that milk depletes calcium from the bones.

Easy Ways to Get More Bran in Your Diet

Bran is one of the healthiest foods that you can eat. The American Heart Association encourages people to eat bran to help reduce cholesterol and blood pressure. The American Diabetes Association is also an avid promoter of bran because eating it can lower one’s glycemic index.

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