Is Soy Good or Bad for Us?

As a vegan, there is absolutely no reason why you have to eat soy foods like tofu, soy milk, or any of the zillion mock meat products that are soy-based. But, chances are that you will end up eating a lot of soy products as a vegan. Since soy factors so heavily into the vegan …

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Top 10 Vegan Cities of 2016

According to PETA, 2016 is “The Year of Vegan”. Therefore, this is the year to take a look at the way we treat ourselves and Mother Earth. In addition, it’s the year to take a stand against animal cruelty, conserve water, and stop the destruction of the environment and natural resources. Thankfully, progressive cities around the world are going green …

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Tryptophan: Walnuts

Tryptophan: Crucial For A Vegan Diet

Tryptophan: An Essential Amino Acid Tryptophan (referred to as T) is among one of nine essential amino acids that our body is unable to prepare. First of all, T is absolutely necessary for normal growth and development of infants. Moreover, T is also responsible for nitrogen balance in adults. Tryptophan (T) is also a precursor to niacin and serotonin. …

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14 Spice Blends All Lazy Chefs Should Have in their Kitchens

Growing up, my mother’s spice rack consisted of salt, pepper, and some origano.  It is no wonder that our meals seemed dull and monotonous.  You can imagine my surprise when I tried Chinese food for the first time, and my further surprise when I tried Middle Eastern, Greek, Indian, and the many other types of food which are heavily seasoned.  Once I discovered the transformative powers of herbs and spices, there was no going back to bland food!

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Difference between Regular Tofu and Silken Tofu

Tofu gets a bad reputation because it is a flavorless mass of protein. But it is this exact quality which make it so wonderful. Because tofu has no flavor, it will take on whatever flavor you add to it. Want to make a vegan chocolate cream pie? Just use tofu for the base. Want to make a veggie burger?   Mash up some tofu.

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guy who hates to cook

Kitchen Tips for People Who Hate to Cook

There are a lot of people out there who love to cook. These are the people who don’t mind putting in all of that effort to shop, chop, dice, and sauté because they get rewarded for their efforts with a nice meal. But, for a lot of us, the reward simply isn’t enough. Even though you know you should cook for your health and to save money, you still find yourself ordering a pizza.   Cooking doesn’t have to be painful though. Follow these kitchen tips and you’ll find cooking a lot easier. Heck, you might even start to like it!

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how to ferment vegetables

Simplest Lacto-Fermentation Instructions Ever

Lacto fermented vegetable pickles are some of the healthiest things you can eat. I’m not talking about the pickles you find in the supermarket which are basically made by putting veggies into vinegar. Real pickles are made with an age-old process called lacto fermentation which not only allows you to preserve foods, but proliferate healthy bacteria.

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artisan vegan cheese

Artisan Vegan Cheese Review PLUS Recipe for Vegan Oat Cheese

For a lot of vegetarians, the one thing which keeps them from going vegan is cheese. Im not going to deny it: cheese tastes awesome. And, while there are starting to be more options for vegan cheese in the supermarket, these vegan cheeses dont come close to the real thing. Plus, many of them arent exactly healthy (not that real cheese, with its hormones, antibiotics and pus, is healthy).

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