Vegan Bacon (And Other Meat Substitutes)

Bacon. As a vegan, I’m sure you hear this word quite frequently. When? All, the, time. Especially when people are telling you why they could never be vegan. It’s also a very popular comment under pretty much any vegan related social media photo or story. What do our omnivorous friends not realize? Most noteworthy, going …

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Value Animals

Veganism: Why Should I Value Animals More Than Plants?

Vegan vegan plants plants… Yeah yeah… But, playing Devil’s advocate, why should I value animals more than plants? Because, eating plants is not the same as eating animals, and here’s why: Value Animals: Animals Feel Pain Value Animals As we mentioned in a previous article, though some animals are meant to consume other animals for …

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superfood smoothie

5 Ways to Get More Superfoods into Your Meals

So you did all of your research and went out and bought some great superfoods, like flax meal, goji berries, and raw cacao. Now, what are you supposed to do with all of these superfoods? It is hard enough to remember to bring baggies of berries to snack on, and even more difficult if you have to figure out ways of getting your kids to eat weird-looking roots and fungi. Here are easy ways you can get more superfoods into your meals without even noticing them.

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vegan bacon

Vegan Diet: Best Vegan Bacon Alternatives

A lot of people say that theyd go vegetarian if it werent for one holdback: bacon. Yes, bacon might be delicious but there is absolutely no reason it has to come from pigs (or any other animal). Try the best vegan bacon alternatives and you will never miss the real thing again.

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morel mushrooms vitamin d

The Vitamin D Superfood for Vegetarians and Vegans

Whether you are vegan or not, vitamin D is probably something you should be worried about. One study found that the prevalence of vitamin D deficiency in the United States was 41.6%. The situation is so bad that The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition called it a pandemic. Here is what you need to know about vitamin D to make sure you are getting enough vitamin D on a plant-based diet.

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fake meats

Unhealthiest Vegetarian Foods that You Are Eating

For a long time, vegetarian advocates have been making the case for a meat-free diet by saying things like, “It is easy. Even 7-11 snack pies are vegan!” Yes, there are a lot of accidentally-vegan foods like Oreos and Cap’n Crunch.  And with vegetarianism becoming increasingly mainstream, big brands like Kraft and General Mills have jumped on the bandwagon and began making vegetarian foods like mock meats.

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vegan processed food hexane gmo

The Best and Worst Vegan Processed Foods

Just 15 years ago, vegans were a rarity and it was virtually impossible to find vegan processed foods in supermarkets (at least foods which were labeled as such).  Now, the ranks of vegans are growing.  Depending on which poll you go by, 0.5% to 2.5% of the US population is vegan.  So, it is no surprise that big business is stepping in to profit from the growing vegetarian demographic.

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artisan vegan cheese

Artisan Vegan Cheese Review PLUS Recipe for Vegan Oat Cheese

For a lot of vegetarians, the one thing which keeps them from going vegan is cheese. Im not going to deny it: cheese tastes awesome. And, while there are starting to be more options for vegan cheese in the supermarket, these vegan cheeses dont come close to the real thing. Plus, many of them arent exactly healthy (not that real cheese, with its hormones, antibiotics and pus, is healthy).

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