5 Reasons Why Meat is NOT Manly

By March 23, 2017Fun

You don’t have to look too far to find examples of the idea that meat is manly.  There was that Burger King ad which took the feminist anthem “I Am Woman” and changed the lyrics to “I Am Man” to equate Whopper-eating with manliness.  Hummer made an ad where a guy buying tofu feels so emasculated that he has to rush off to buy a Hummer to “restore the balance.”  Or just look at any of the many other sexist ads which promote meat as manly – some of which go as far as to encourage violence towards women.


Just one of many ads which imply meat is manly and macho.

This notion that meat is manly has consequences.  According to this consumer study, men are less likely to try vegetarian products because of this association with meat and masculinity.  The saddest thing about this association is that meat is actually anything but manly.


1. Meat Is Linked to Erectile Dysfunction

I doubt that anyone would say that erectile dysfunction is “manly.”  So, it is ironic that meat – the food touted as manly and macho – is a big contributor to ED.   As the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine said in this press release, “Many men who live with the stigma of impotence do not understand its true cause: meat.”

How does meat cause ED?  It has to do with the high amounts of cholesterol and saturated fat in meat.  They clog arteries and thus restrict blood flow.  Not only is the heart affected, but blood flow can be restricted to the penis as well, resulting in ED.


2. Meat is Linked to Prostate Cancer

Pay attention men: Going vegan can lower your risk of prostate cancer!  Approximately 14 percent of men will get prostate cancer at some point in their lives, but vegan men have a much lower risk.   One study found that eating a vegan diet can cut prostate cancer risk by 35 percent.

Now, I’m not trying to say that having prostate cancer is “unmanly.”  It is a condition which should not be stigmatized.  But clinging onto a notion that meat is manly at the expense of your health is definitely not manly!


3. And All Those Other Health Issues Associated with Meat…

In addition to erectile dysfunction and prostate cancer, meat is linked to numerous health problems and is as bad as smoking!

If we are going by the conventional definition of manliness, then a manly man is someone who can protect and take care of his family.  Good luck taking care of your family when you are in a hospital bed or dead!  The manliest thing you can do for your family is to stay healthy so you can be there for them when they need you.


4. Meat Does Not Make You Strong

Think that you need to eat meat to be strong? Just take a look at 2014 Mr. Universe Barny Du Plessis or any of the many other vegan bodybuilders and athletes out there.  You’ll quickly see that you can be strong and athletic on an all-plant diet.  Yes, vegetarian and vegan athletes may have to pay more attention to certain nutrients if they want to maximize gains.  However, there are many compelling reasons for athletes to ditch the meat.

As Fuel for the Fighter points out, eating meat can lead to clogged arteries, which means that blood and nutrients won’t be able to get to your body.  That means less energy and slower recovery.  Further, it isn’t food that makes you strong.  Your muscles are built by hard and consistent exercise – not eating lots of meat or protein.


5. Real Men Are Brave

According to Dictionary.com, the definition of “manly” includes characteristics like bravery.  Well, there is nothing brave about ascribing to societal conventions!  If being manly means being brave, then real men aren’t afraid to try new foods.  They aren’t afraid to order a salad at a restaurant. And they aren’t afraid to do what is right for their health and planet!


Now this is my idea of sexy 😉  How about you?

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