10 Vegan Hacks To Make Life Easier


BeyoncĂ©, Ellen DeGeneres, Bill Clinton, Casey Affleck, Ellen Page. What do they all have in common? They’re all celebrities. They’re also all creative in their own right. Oh, and they’re vegan. They’re not hacks, but vegan hacks…? I’m sure they’ve used at least one of these a time or two.

Vegans are inherently creative creatures, somewhat out of necessity since it’s not always easy practicing veganism. We don’t shy away from recipes that traditionally call for animal products…nope! We accept the challenge and find often superior approaches to make our concoctions, well, better. And healthier. Sooo, I’ve compiled 10 vegan hacks to make our lives easier!


Vegan Hacks: #1 Eggs

No eggs, no bacon, no problem. There are plenty of replacements, believe you me. Use any of these substitutes in baking or any recipe that calls for eggs:
– Ener-G Egg Replacer
– Flax Meal
– Chia Meal
– Silken Tofu
– Apple Sauce
– Bananas

Vegan Hacks: #2 Butter

In need of vegan butter? All you need is this:
– Avocado
– Mash said avocado (Hulk smash)
– VoilĂ !

Vegan Hacks: #3 Milk

I know I know, who doesn’t know about vegan milk substitutes these days? But I’m here to tell you the right kinds to use:
– Almond milk
– Coconut milk
– Soy milk
– Rice milk
– Hemp milk
– Oat milk
– 7-Grain milk
– Hazelnut milk

Vegan Hacks: #4 Buttermilk

Vegan buttermilk…there’s such a thing? Yup, and it’s easy breezy. You can create vegan buttermilk by:
– Adding vinegar to a non-dairy milk

Vegan Hacks: #5 Whipped Cream

Mmm, whipped cream. But how do I enjoy this as vegan? Simple:
– Refrigerate coconut milk
– Whip coconut milk
– Enjoy whipped coconut cream

Vegan Hacks: #6 Mayo

Fan of mayo but you just ran out of vegenaise? No problemo amigo. Try this on for size:
– Silken tofu
– Lemon juice
– Mustard
– Extra virgin olive oil
– Add salt and blend

Vegan Hacks: #7 Cake

3 easy steps to enjoy a vegan cake:
– Buy vegan cake mix
– Substitute soda for eggs
– BAM!

Vegan Hacks: #7 Donuts

Did someone say Pillsbury? Yes, some of their products are surprisingly vegan. Like this:
– Use their biscuit dough to make vegan donuts
– So. Good.

Vegan Hacks: #9 Parmesan Cheese

I used to love parmesan cheese as a kid. Not so much anymore. The following is a wonderful substitute, especially if you’re in a pinch:
– Nutritional yeast flakes…and it has other uses for topping like
– Popcorn, pizza, pasta, baked potato, salad dressing

Vegan Hacks: #10 Smoky Meat Flavor

Yes, I want to mimic that flavor, but in a vegan manner. How? Pretty easy actually:
– J&D’s Hickory Bacon Salt
– J&D’s Peppered Bacon Salt

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Susan is a California girl living in Los Angeles. She lives a vegan lifestyle and loves to travel the world and meditate when she's not playing with her oh-so lovable puppy Poochie!